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You deserve an authentic approach which provides you with the right tools at the right time to fit the unique, and everchanging needs of your company and culture.

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Traditional surveys, built on too many assumptions, restricted by limited response options, and taken out of context, frequently provide us with meaningless data. How many times have you taken a survey and wanted to answer "it depends"?
We offer an ethnographic assessment based on personally told anecdotes, with meaning extracted by responders themselves. This technique allows better insights to contextualize experiences, detect weak signals and evaluate readiness and progress of change.

Ethnographic Change Assessment


“Curiosity might have killed the cat… but satisfaction brought it back “.
Our workshops cover surviving, existing, and thriving in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times. The signature workshop is an introduction to situational adaptation, bounded applicability, psychological safety, and fractal change. Other workshops dive deeper into these concepts.
Our goal is not just to coach, but to inspire participants to continue to learn, and develop a curious “growth mindset”.

Leadership Workshops

We recognize the importance of internal advancement.
Our coaching program centers around equipping your rising stars with novel leadership skills, including managing complexity, leading change, detecting weak signals, strategic mapping, adopting a Kaizen mindset, and applying contextually appropriate solutions.
We team up with your future leaders to work on initiatives prioritized by you, ensuring a practical, hands-on approach to skill acquisition and application.

Rising Stars Coaching

Our hands-on approach involves working alongside you to identify barriers to improvement and prerequisites to sustainable change. Subsequently, we customize our recommendations based on those particular discoveries.
This enables us to maximize the value you gain.

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Capture Self-Signified Narratives Critical to Change Leadership and Weak Signal Detection


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